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 The Sterling Afrika boasts a fully established training Institute that can accommodate several training sessions concurrently. Short-Term Training Model combines powerful direct marketing elements such as telemarketing, fax mailing, email and silver bulleting and Posting.


 Short-Term Training Programs are adaptable to the precise needs of the requesting institution/delegate’s and focuses on a variety of areas such as intensive and specialized experiential training as well as training in other disciplinary areas akin to management, leadership, finance, information technology, gender and governance programs, HR training and the like fields of academic interest. Each program is entirely customized and designed to provide participants with an intensive learning experience that caters to the academic and experiential needs specific to each participant.

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Short-Term Training Programs are typically designed for 1 to 6 weeks at a group size of approximately 10 or more students although all inquiries are welcome. All schedules are flexible as the participants gets to chose their preferred dates of availability

We invite you and your organization to experience the excitement and fulfillment of Sterling Afrika’s premier Short-Term Training Programs; a program designed to meet your specific academic needs and is as diverse, flexible, and unique as Pretoria’s physical and cultural environment.

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