it training


Course Overview

This course is geared to individuals with a working knowledge of information technology and other forms of information risk management and security, including those with three or more years of experience and training in IT Audit, Information Security, Quality Assurance, and/or Information Technology

Course Objective

  • To develop a comprehensive and integrated alignment, planning, execution and governance approach to IT and business
  • Through the use of discussions, class exercises, and case studies, to gain an understanding of how to design and implement a well-designed risk governance process that allows your company to identify, prioritize, and track risks
  • Familiarity with 24 frameworks in five categories: Quality Management, Quality Improvement, IS and IT Governance, Information Management, and Project Management. In addition, the ability to apply many of these frameworks to satisfy a variety of regulations, including SOX, HIPAA, and GLBA is demonstrated in class through class exercises
  • Underlining the Essential Areas You Need to Know to Construct a Well-Balanced Information Security Framework
  • Understanding How to Organise and Oversee A Risk-Based Enterprise Information Security Programme
  • Highlighting the Critical Building Blocks Of Information Security  Discussing the Industry Best Practices Legislation and Professional Standards Based on ISO27000 Series

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