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Is Your ICT Service Level Agreements a Problem?

Outsourcing your IT is almost always a good practice. Your organization must have access to expert resources with current and wide ranging expertise, hardware and software platforms that remain relevant, appropriately scaled and reliable.

It is possible to keep your network running as smoothly and reliably as when it was first installed. With attention being paid to the correct aspects of your network, down time will be reduced to an absolute minimum. Your service agreement matrix makes selecting the right service agreement simple, however you need the skills to negotiate a contract that will ensure your operation are always safeguarded.

With a fairly new African ICT environment and almost daily new development the skills to negotiate an all inclusive service level agreement is essential, sadly many African organizations have fallen prey to non-inclusive service level agreements simply because of a lack of knowledge and experience.

Course Objective

  • Determining suitable candidate activities for service agreements
  • Identifying and stating service requirements
  • Minimum requirements for service contracts
  • Developing service levels
  • Tools for managing ICT service contracts

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